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Introducing the QuieTech Electronic Fuel Injected Gas Golf Car

The new QuieTech EFI boasts the lowest decibel output of any gas car and features the industry’s first-ever Independent Rear Suspension on a golf car. This unprecedented combination ensures your players experience a luxuriously quiet ride. At 45 MPG and less hydrocarbon emissions than the competition, we think you’ll agree that choosing QuieTech EFI is the most sound business decision you could make for your golf course.

Yamaha has the widest most ergonomic seat in the industry. Also providing the most leg room in any golf car on the market today. Yamaha has the most rider space from floor to ceiling as well. 

It has an automotive style dash to hold all your drinks and electronics, as well as two USB ports to keep those devices charged. The dash has non-slip rubber mats to keep everything where it should be.

With fully independent suspension, you will get the smoothest ride in a Yamaha of any golf car. Even if you aren’t on the fairway, the Drive will get you where you need to go. 

A/C Electric Golf Car

Our new electric Drive2 puts the power in PowerTech AC. Prepare yourself for an energy-efficient electric solution that features smooth acceleration and unrivaled hill-climbing ability like you’ve never experienced before. Our electric cars make battery power synonymous with horsepower, while giving your players a silky smooth ride.

The all new UMAX Rally

Umax Rally

We harnessed the speed of our motorcycles, the power of our WaveRunners®, the durability of our outboard motors, the pure grit of our all-terrain vehicles, and the skillfully engineered quietness of our golf cars to create the new UMAX Rally™ with a lifted suspension, 23” tires wrapped around 12” V-window wheels, and complete with a Yamaha Genuine front brush guard and deFender fender flares. Whether it’s for the farm, construction site, warehouse, or campus, the UMAX Rally goes where no other Light Utility Vehicle can making it yet another reason why Yamaha is The Easy Choice.